I UK [saʊnd] / US noun
Word forms "sound":
singular sound plural sounds
Talking or writing about sound:
bang a sound like something exploding: There was a loud bang and a puff of smoke. rattle a sound like a loose object hitting another object: The rattle under the dashboard is getting worse. crash a sound like a large object falling onto the ground: We heard an enormous crash outside. creak a sound that something like a door, floor, or bed makes when you push it, or sit or stand on it: The creak of a floorboard upstairs told me he was awake. squeak a sound like the noise a mouse makes: I've oiled that hinge but the squeak is still there. thud a sound like something heavy and soft falling onto the ground: There was a loud thud as he fell onto the floor. clank a sound like two heavy pieces of metal knocking together: the loud clank of chains as the prisoners walked by
a) [countable] something that you can hear

My car is making strange clicking sounds.

sound of:

the sound of voices/laughter/footsteps

not make a sound (= be very quiet):

Laura didn't make a sound as she left the room.

b) [uncountable] energy that travels through air or water and that a human ear can hear

The aircraft could travel faster than the speed of sound.

a) [uncountable] the music, talking, and other noises that come from a radio, television, film etc

Something was interfering with the sound during the broadcast.

b) [uncountable] the loudness of a radio, television etc

Turn the sound up a bit – I can't hear.

3) [countable] the particular musical style of a person, band, or place

He plays an original jazz-gospel sound.

4) sounds
[plural] British informal recorded music
5) [countable] a long narrow area of water that connects two larger areas of water

Long Island Sound

by the sound of it/things= from the sound of it/things — used for saying that you are basing your ideas, opinions etc on what you have heard or read

From the sound of things, they'll probably have to move before next year.

II UK [saʊnd] / US verb
Word forms "sound":
present tense I/you/we/they sound he/she/it sounds present participle sounding past tense sounded past participle sounded
1) [linking verb] to seem good, bad, interesting, exciting etc according to what you have heard, read, or know

A cup of tea sounds perfect.

sound like:

Malta sounds like a great place for a relaxing holiday.

it sounds as if/as though:

It sounds as if he's never home.

2) to show a particular emotion or quality in your voice

He always sounds too busy to talk.

sound like:

I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, but this plan is unfair.

sound as if/as though:

It sounds as if you're getting a cold.

a) [intransitive] to produce a sound

The sirens sounded, warning of a tornado.

b) [transitive] to make something produce a sound

Trains are required to sound their whistles as they approach a crossing.

4) [transitive] to pronounce a particular letter in a word

He has trouble sounding the letter "r".

5) to express a particular reaction to a situation, idea, or event
sound a positive/hopeful/confident note:

Officials sounded a hopeful note about finding the funding for the new school.

sound a note of caution/warning:

A recovery in sales has been reported but most retailers have sounded a note of caution.

sound a warning/alarm (= inform people of a danger):

The scheme hopes to sound an early warning to teenagers about the dangers of smoking.

6) [transitive] to measure the depth of an area of water such as a lake or the sea using special equipment

sounds good/great etcspoken used for telling someone that their idea or suggestion seems like a good one

"How about dinner and a film tonight?" "Sounds great."

Phrasal verbs:
III UK [saʊnd] / US adjective
Word forms "sound":
adjective sound comparative sounder superlative soundest
a) involving the use of good judgment, and therefore likely to be effective

Administrators should make sure the programmes are legally sound.

a sound decision

b) reliable and sensible

a sound business/company

Firms wishing to take part in the programme must be able to show that they are financially sound.

Nouns frequently used with sound
▪  advice, approach, decision, judgment, practice, principle
2) thorough

a sound understanding of basic teaching skills

3) healthy

a sound heart

be of sound body/mind:

The jury found that Holman was of sound mind when he committed the murder.

4) safe, or in good condition

a sound building

Investigators found the plane to be structurally sound.

5) sound sleep is one that is difficult to wake you from
6) a sound punishment is severe

Derived word:
noun uncountable
IV UK [saʊnd] / US adverb
Word forms "sound":
comparative sounder superlative soundest

English dictionary. 2014.

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